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Welcome to the CDT Refactoring project website. We are developing a C++ Refactoring Plug-in for CDT.

Please note that this project is no longer active. Most of the refactorings are now part of the regular Eclipse CDT distribution and require not separate installation. If you want to track our latest developments, please take a look at our CUTE project.

After the realization of one term project and two diploma theses and a lot of work we finally have a plug-in which provides the following refactorings:

If you have any wishes, don't hesitate to contact us. We are also looking for sponsors, please contact Peter Sommerlad if you'd like to support our work.


  • Cerp (Cavegn, Zgraggen)
  • C++ Refactoring (Büttiker, Graf)

Potential Improvement of CDT code

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